Traynor Caught With His Pants Down In Craig Whyte’s Bedroom

The Alex Thompson story about Jim Traynor today will be illuminating for some naive people out there, but mere confirmation for many more.

Newspaper articles would be sent to Craig Whyte for approval and amendment before publishing. It would be agreed to run with an eye-catching £15m headline (convenient if you are needing to boost season ticket sales from the most gullible fans on the planet) but no direct quotes that could come back to haunt them. No matter what was going on at the club, whatever positive stories Whyte wanted, Whyte got.

I’m quite sure that award winning Keith Jackson would never have done the same with his hysterical “wealth off the radar” story!!! (don’t laugh)

We can now trace back every Daily Record article Mr Traynor wrote about Rangers and every BBC Sportsound program he was involved in since January of last year and decide for ourselves if he was simply an honest and balanced journalist, or if he was, as many believe, working to an agenda, using his employment as a platform to benefit Rangers/Murray/Whyte/Green/himself.


It now seems clear that Mr Traynor’s desperate attempts to convince people that “Rangers have suffered enough” “Scottish Football is dead unless Rangers are in the SPL” “There is an agenda against Rangers” etc. were actually an attempt to influence public opinion and ensure that future employers “Rangers” be fast tracked up the leagues with as little punishment as possible, “for the good of Scottish football”, of course! A line that was, coincidentally, also peddled by the football authorities. (Perhaps a story lies there for another day).

Clearly, he has always been “close” to those in power at Ibrox and many people will now say the only difference today, is that he’s now “officially” on the payroll!

If Alex Thompson’s blog is indeed “malicious” as Traynor claims, then Alex can expect prompt legal action and the swift removal of his blog?


Didn’t think so!

Traynor, you have now been exposed. We all knew it, and now the world knows it.

Get it right up ye!

Yours truly, annonymous internet bampot!

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One thought on “Traynor Caught With His Pants Down In Craig Whyte’s Bedroom

  1. Get it right up ye indeed.

    Eloquently put my good friend!

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