The power of Celtic

“Every now and then, you get to learn a little bit more about Celtic and what it means to different people.” Henrik Larsson.

I’m not sure if there is a fairytale story in football quite like that of Celtic’s.

From it’s humble, honest, charitable beginnings, to the day it became the best team in Europe; Celtic, far more than just a football club, means so much to so many people literally worldwide.

I’m not going to try and re-tell the romantic history of the club when there are guys like Matt McGlone, Paul Larkin and “Brogan Rogan” who are far better equipped to do so than I am.

Instead, let’s just look at the here and now.

We’ve just beaten the best team in the world, Barcelona. We’re about to enter into a double header of games against Juventus that must rank up there among the biggest games the club’s recent history.

Celtic are a fashionable club just now. An honest underdog with an amazing story born out of famine and oppression.

People want to be associated with us.

American Rapper: Snoop Dogg, for whatever reason, wants to be associated with Celtic.

Never missing an opportunity to be photographed in the Hoops or annoucing his desire to invest in the club or even his dream to lead the team out against Juventus, something about Celtic has caught his imagination.

I don’t think he’s ever been to Celtic Park and I certainly wouldn’t bet your mortgage on him being able to name the team that played in Inverness on Saturday!

To me, this Snoop Dogg thing is just a bit of fun that slightly raises the profile of the club.

A far bigger story for me is the fact that fellow American, Graham Wilson of Beyond The Waves Celtic Podcast will be in Glasgow for the Juventus game.

Now, unlike Snoop Dogg, this is a guy who could probably tell you every player who played in Inverness; every player on the bench and every substitution made in the game.

His knowledge and passion about Celtic is such that you forget he’s never set foot in Scotland, let alone Celtic Park; but does that mean he’s any less of a fan?

Anyone that thinks that, come back when you’ve put in half as much time and effort as he does to his podcasts, not for anything other than a love of the club.

A club that captures the imagination of people and reels them into our story until they become a part of it.

Never mind Snoop Dogg. (Although to be fair, he can rap a bit better than Graham!)

That’s the kind of guy I want to see at Celtic park.

Fulfilling a dream.

That’s the power of Celtic.

No matter where you are in the world, it can get under your skin and into your heart.

Doesn’t that make you proud?


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2 thoughts on “The power of Celtic

  1. lwordsblog says:

    Excellently put Sir. Indeed many a fine servant to our great club, embrace it and it them.
    It shows in many ways and through many forms.
    Celtic reaches out to all and welcomes all.
    Fine quality piece Sir.

  2. I couldn’t be more proud mate.

    Also very privileged, it’s a great time to be a Celtic fan.

    Thanks for reminding me!

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