Is Charles Green A Threat To Public Order?

A saviour? A clown? A reporter’s dream?

Charles Green is certainly a colourful character, but does he have the potential to stir up serious public disorder in Scotland with his provocative behaviour, seemingly all in an attempt to curry favour with the fans and make money?


To the Rangers/Sevco fans he’s a saviour; the man to lead them back to
glory; the man who will defend their “traditions” against the onslaught of bitter hatred and twisted bigotry while bloodthirsty ghouls tear poor Rangers limb from limb in an unprovoked attack. (copyright award-winning Keith Jackson)

No matter what you think of Mr Green, he’s obviously not daft. He’s realised pretty quickly that to get the paying fans onside, all he has to do is play to the gallery and tell them everything they want to hear. David Murray did it, Craig Whyte did it, John Brown did it (for a short while) and now Chuckles is at it.

If the Pope shouted “We Are The People” outside Ibrox and promised a warchest for McCoist, he’d be in with a serious shout of being the next owner. (Ok, maybe anyone but the Pope)

Playing To The Gallery

Let us forget for a moment what Green said about what liquidation would mean for Rangers.  (Video Link)

Never mind that, there are tickets to sell…

Easy steps to getting the fans onside:

– State that the only logical explanation for Sevco being accepted into Division 3 (leapfrogging the likes of Spartans and against existing rules) instead of being teleported to the top league in the country – is down to bigotry from the SPL, SFA and member clubs. (nothing to do with rules or what is right, of course)

– Make a beeline for Belfast and allegedly meet Loyalist associates. (Don’t forget to wear the old orange strip).

– Peddle the myth that the club didn’t die. (even though he said it would if a CVA failed)

– Attempt to sue ex-players for daring to find new clubs under TUPE regulations and brand them as traitors and deserters. (Resulting in a deluge of abuse from the fans)

– Threaten every club who dared to vote that rules should be applied (especially Dundee United).

– Make idle threats about leaving Scottish football because the new club is not getting the preferential treatment that the old one was accustomed to.

– Threaten to sue UEFA under sexual discrimination laws… (No I didn’t make that up)


To the Rangers/Sevco fans Charles Green is a hero.

To Celtic fans, and the rest of Scottish football, Charles Green is a clown. (And worth every penny)

To the media, Charles Green is a dream; full of blusterous proclamations and hilarious soundbites.

According to Tom English and Graham Spiers he’s: “An entertainer… Terrific… Manna from heaven… A character”… (as well as a buffoon to be fair.)


But… As entertaining as he is, we must not forget that in very recent history, bombs were sent to a politician, a QC and a football manager. A city Centre was trashed, a Fife football stadium was the target of an arson attack, people have been hounded on the internet and threatened in their homes and workplace and a policeman is lucky to be alive as hundreds (at least) rampaged through Manchester.

There is a proven history of threats and intimidation towards anyone who disagrees with what Rangers/Sevco want. The actions and comments of senior members of the club have often appeared to act as a catalyst to unruly behaviour from it’s fans. Perhaps that is the reason that such actions and comments arise. Perhaps it is thought that an unruly mob may infact be a useful tool to achieve goals for the benefit of the club.

There is, what would for most clubs, be regarded as an undesirable element attached to Rangers/Sevco which needs no excuse to cause trouble.

People are rioting in Belfast because of the amount of minutes a flag is in the air for goodness sake!

Bearing all of that in mind, it therefore cannot be labeled sensationalism to suggest that the siege mentality and climate of false victimisation of a new football club that Charles Green is trying hard to foster – is a dangerous game to be playing in an already delicate environment.

Aided by a media unable or unwilling to confirm the truth, Charles Green is whipping a volatile group into a frenzy that has the potential to boil over into large-scale public disorder should, for example, historic football titles be deemed to have been obtained against the rules of the sport.

This volatile group feel vindicated by the perpetual myths emanating from Jim Traynor, other well-placed and sympathetic journalists and the usual newspapers that Rangers still exist and that they were cruelly “demoted from the SPL” without any other reasons than bitterness and hate.

Is it, therefore, unreasonable to worry that the irresponsible actions of Charles Green to apparently stoke this mob for his own ends – could be a potential disaster in the making for public order and Scottish society?


9 thoughts on “Is Charles Green A Threat To Public Order?

  1. Jim Fitz says:

    I have been saying for months that this fellow is very dangerous. The longer heis allowed to peddle his nonsense unchallenged by all sections if the media the more extreme and potentially volatile his unfounded utterings will become. Someone in twitter said the next Celtic-TRIFC game will be like a scene from Braveheart. I agree and if it transpires then certainly Green, and to a certain extent Ally McCoist, must shoulder some blame but not nearly as much as the media, and one outlet in particular, for allowing such utter drivel to go unchallenged for so long.

    • the taxman cometh says:

      Just to correct Sevco have never played Celtic but I agree that IF sevco survive long enough to play Celtic that there is a very real danger of a serious disturbance

      Not that the MSM care they are just concerned with doing everything they can to convince the world that Rangers didn’t die

  2. The silver fhox says:

    I remember my schooldays well.
    We loved the class clown, he made everyone else look good in comparhison, but we didn’t respect him.

  3. The silver fhox says:

    My apologies – it should say ‘made everyone look good in comparison’.

  4. armchairbhoy says:

    Top notch & spot on….people in UK & Europe beginning to take notice of how this tribute act operate & how poor the media are at following up on the massive amount of drivel & inaccuracys being spouted by this mob…

  5. mik67 says:

    He can’t plead ignorance of what they’re like – remember this is the man who claimed he had to live in safe houses when he first appeared on the scene to rescue the club

  6. Good piece, Harry.

    I’ve not being blogging much recently but it had been on my mind to do a piece on the character of Charles Green. I certainly don’t see him as a clown.
    I see him as a thoroughly nasty piece of work with the cold, vicious demeanour of a gangland boss.

    He’s the type of man whose aura of unpleasantness seems to suck the sunshine out of the daylight. He could probably stand in the middle of an ice rink and send a deeper chill through the arena. He could easily run an ice-cream van without needing a freezer. I get the feeling that when the time comes for him to be pushing up the daisies, the worms will be holding their noses while they dutifully set about their dinner.

    In many ways, he would be better suited to professional boxing management. That’s the sport in which we usually expect hoodlums dressed up as businessmen to adopt a pretence of legitimacy while using combinations of threats, blackmail and bribes to ensure profitable outcomes at the expense of the mug punters. Every now and again, the newspapers report that a “business associate” of some or other boxing promoter has been arrested and charged with GBH or attempted murder. We rarely find ourselves surprised at such developments. I cannot help but wonder how often our man has availed himself of the same sort of specialist back-up staff that the Don King wannabees of the world of pugilism employ on occasions to simplify complex negotiations.

    He’s not amusing and he’s not entertaining, despite the feeble line that some of our spineless pressmen are trying to deliver. To be fair to them, I can understand their reluctance to declare the stark, unappealing truth about this vicious low-life. They are understandably afraid of crossing a boorish, self-centred, cynical, cold-hearted gangster who is perfectly comfortable in the company of murderous, terrorist Northern Irish scum because they’re his kind of people. Not so much in their bankrupt ideology – ideals mean nothing to unprincipled nihilists like Green – but in their bottomless capacity for advancing their own position through the unrelenting and ruthless exploitation of other people. Like them, it would not bother him one iota if the city streets were running with blood on his account. So long as he can fill the pockets of his shabby, grey suit with money from the suckers, and he doesn’t get nicked in the process, he’ll consider that he’s earned every penny.

    To that end, he’ll say anything and do anything that he considers will maximise his personal gain and the only matter that will concern him will be that he gets away with it. It’s of no interest to him what fate befalls Rangers or Scottish football once he leaves the scene of the crime nor does he give a damn if his strategy exacerbates social tensions in this country. All of his attention is geared to playing to a gallery of bigoted goons in order to acquire every orange pound he can identify. He’s worked out exactly how to pander to those bottom-feeders. Anyone with half a brain and no sense of shame can solve that particular riddle in a matter of minutes. However he is racing against the clock because all of his clumsy, Neanderthal moves have been anticipated by the real power in Scottish football. Peter Lawwell has outmanoeuvred and outclassed Green at every turn and he’ll continue to do so.

    Pedro took Chico’s number a long time ago and while that means that the current Hunfuhrer is being pushed further and further into the margins of Scottish football power – indeed, he has just about shot right off the page now – a general concern still lingers over how much collateral damage he is capable of inflicting when he finally self-destructs. A controlled explosion in the depths of his sand-bagged bunker would be the preferred denouement but the danger is if he detonates in the open air of a built-up area, clutching a fleg to his orange Sevco change strip while chanting t’Billy Boys in right queer, loud, Yorkshire accent. He knows damn well that such a scenario is one thing that his adversaries keenly want to avoid and he’ll continue to threaten them with it unless he can see a viable escape route.

    There is nothing remotely sophisticated about Charles the Turd or the way he operates. But that doesn’t mean he should be under-estimated for one moment, especially now that a thickening cloud of desperation is unceasingly fogging his faculties. And let us not forget that he himself is only the front for the guys whose money he’s been instructed to salvage from the Ibrox wreckage. He’ll have some very heavy, serious players to answer to. It’s unlikely that he packs enough heat to burn all of them off his trail once they consider that he’s made a complete Noel Hunt of it.
    He’s as dangerous a any of his erstwhile allies across the water. We can all see how easily the Lunatic Loyal can be mobilised into a spiteful frenzy over next to nothing. For the moment, Green still has access to the codes for the Permarage Bomb. He’ll press the button without a second thought rather than sob quietly in a corner.
    Danger then, danger now, dangerous forever.

  7. John Murphy says:

    Is the word “not” (unreasonable) missing from the last para?

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