Green Brigade Display – C’est Magnifique!

Without the Green Brigade, Celtic Park would be just another football stadium.

Almost 125 years to the day since this great institution was formed, the Green Brigade organised one of the biggest and most impressive displays ever seen in a British football stadium.

It was somewhat poetic and fitting that our opponents be Barcelona (more than just a football club) while our celebration of 125 years be displayed in such wonderful colour and style.

The world was watching and if there was any doubt about how special this club really is, then those doubts have now evaporated.

It really makes you proud to be a Celtic fan.

Already renowned for the huge amount of thought, preparation, work and effort that goes into their displays to make the Celtic Park experience as colourful and atmospheric as possible, they have really excelled themselves with this one.

A lot of talk and rumour surrounded the display in the weeks leading up to the game but what we witnessed surpassed all expectations and I know that a lot of time was given up to make it possible.

Green Brigade – Take a bow.

Since they arrived on the scene they have literally transformed the matchday experience with wit and a relentless atmosphere which is fitting for – and a credit to – this famous club.

It is therefore saddening to see the group face seemingly never-ending attacks, both publicly – by the police, the introduction of ludicrous fan-targeting legislation and sections of the media; and covertly – in the form of surveillance and ‘intelligence gathering’ which may border on harassment, intimidation and suppression of civil liberties.

Without the Green Brigade, Celtic Park would be just another football stadium.

Perhaps now is the time for Celtic to start defending and encouraging the group in a way that is proportionate to the tireless support the Green Brigade provide for the club.



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11 thoughts on “Green Brigade Display – C’est Magnifique!

  1. john says:

    Well done green brigade just like the team absolutely awesome.proud to be a celt .

  2. sbcfc1888 says:

    Awesome breath-taking display by a truly inspirational group! Take a bow Green Brigade! To those with the vision, and those involved in making it happen, you’ve made us all proud and you should feel especially pleased with yourselves! For Lenny and the team to deliver such an awesome result on the park too just made it an unbelievable night for the whole Celtic family. Magic moments before, during and after the game! Hail Hail and God Bless the Green Brigade!

  3. shaunbhoy says:

    well done you bhoys in green
    thank you celtic

  4. Colm says:

    A truly remarkable sight to be seen by all. The GB do a lot for the Celtic cause but to say Celtic would be just another football club without them is well off the mark. Celtic are Celtic no matter what, no player or group of fans are bigger than this great club

    • He did not say that we would just be another football club, he said that Celtic Park would just be another football ground. He is right.

    • Vandalgrease says:

      Fair point. Granted, big Euro nights and OF’s were always special with or without the GB but I don’t think anyone can claim that domestically Parkhead is rocking. Without the GB it would be flat as a pancake.

      Ok, I probably exaggerated a bit in that piece (hands up) but there’s no doubting they bring something special to every single game.

  5. James Quinn says:

    Never have I been more amazed, and in Awe at a sight within a football stadium. Amazing is not the word. I turn on my Television, and see the sight of Celtic Park, looking amazingly beautiful. Sadly, the issue of the police will not go away, as we now live our lives in a police state system, but one thing is for sure, you Celtic fans should be proud of this Green Brigade, and continue to support them.

    If we had a fraction of the support that your team generates, I would easily say I would look forward to our games at Old Trafford.

    Well done Celtic, your players, your fans.

  6. thecelticway says:

    I really love what the GB bring to the club. I really do. I have a few grievances with them such as their poppy stance. I really don’t think it’s the place for it, and I don’t want the GB thinking that they speak for all of us when they make their political statements. I personally believe it is up to the individual whether they want to wear a poppy or not. I’m not in favour of the poppy but I won’t tell others what they should and shouldn’t do. That aside, the colour, noise and atmosphere they bring is fantastic and they are to be supported more than chastised. My only other gripe, and it’s a fairly smallish gripe, is that they seem to be abandoning some of our older songs. Where was Four Leaf Clover, one of my favourites and one that I was bursting for them to sing last night, and Fields of Athenry, etc. It seems they are being abandoned in favour of COYBIG and JCGE, which are both brilliant but there is place for the old stuff too. Anyway, after their amazing display last night, I will be sending a donation their way, even though I couldn’t be at the game. They really deserve all the help they can get from us. We are all Celtic supporters…

  7. Althetim says:

    The Green Brigade deserve all the accolades coming their way for a breathtaking display last night. I’ve been going to Celtic Park since 1962 and have never seen anything like it.

    Thanks bhoys and ghirls, that was awesome. The entire support was fantastic. Proud to be a Tim.


  8. Micky Burt says:

    Stand up for the men behind the banner

  9. LRM says:

    IMO It’s absolutely ridiculous that Celtic gave no credit to the GB for this display & took all of the accolades for themselves.

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